“Tide Wonders”International Sculpture Ex

“Tide Wonders”International Sculpture Exhibition Foreign Selected Works of Preliminary Appraisal 作者:admin 添加时间:2015/9/5 来源:中国雕塑学会

On 24thAugust, preliminary appraisalmeeting for China• Haining “Tide Wonders”•2016 The First International Sculpture Exhibition was held in China Sculpture Institute in Beijing.

“Tide Wonders•2016 the First International Sculpture Exhibition, Haining , China” held by China Sculpture Institute and Haining Municipal People’s Government is to enhance the city image of Haining City and to act as an important carrier and platform to build a cultural tourist city, and is also a major leading cultural project for the city construction of Haining as well.

We had received 1299 pieces of works of 644 artists from 49 countries and regions since we solicited contributions openly from all over the world from20th May, 2015 to the deadline on 5th, August, 2015. Participating works were rich in contents and varied on subject matter, creative ideals were novel and unique both on the theme and form, most of participating projects were newly-designed for this exhibition based on Hainings regional characteristics, with innovative and unique ideals and beautiful forms, it presented domestic and foreign sculptors unique understanding towards tidal culture in Haining city , as well as the spirit of the East, which had a special cultural value and an academic significance.

Adhering to principles of Fair, Just and Open,the preliminary appraisalmeeting for China• Haining “Tide Wonders”•2016 The First International Sculpture Exhibition made a careful selection from the aspects of unique and innovative solutions, public aesthetics, artistic quality, geographic characteristics , environmental protection, practicality and security, as well as others.

Among selected 70 works, 10 pieces of works come from aboard, 60 pieces of works come from China, those projects along with 10 pieces of invited works will be made into small-size three-dimensional models and be re-evaluated , Maquette Exhibition for Excellent Projects of Tide Wonders•2016 International Sculpture Exhibition, Haining, China will be held in Haining in late October.

Foreign Selected works in the preliminary appraisalmeeting for “Tide Wonders•2016 the First International Sculpture Exhibition, Haining, China” as follow:

Foreign part:

British John Atkin《Sneaker Wave》

Italy Riccardo Cordero《Tide wonderful Wave》

Italy Filin Gueorgui《 Wodreful Tide》

Israel Dina Merhav《River Guadian》

America Carole Turner《CONVERGENCE》

Romanian Georgi Minchev 《Begining of River》

Korea So Dong-Choe《2,Infinity 2150》

Korea Seungwoo-Hwang《Wave》

Germany Jorg Plickat 《Dance Of The Tides》

Bulgaria Radoslav Sultov 《Wave Fragment1》